Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Training Course


Microsoft Teams for Healthcare

Are you wanting to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams but wondering what that would look like in a healthcare environment?

Teams is fundamentally a professional social space to get work done.
In this hands-on workshop, where we will walk you through the tools available in MS Teams.

You will have plenty of opportunity to practice your new skills throughout the day using our live MS Teams learning environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • By the end of this course you will be able navigate your way around Microsoft Teams
  • You will be able to use shared documents effectively and understand the limits as they currently stand
  • You will be able to use the meetings and video conferencing capabilities built into teams
  • You will be introduced to some of the built-in integrations such as Trello (for shared project management), forms and Outlook calendar integration
  • This workshop is led by experienced healthcare staff who have significant experience utilising MS Teams and associated tools.

Course Outline:

  • Half Day
  • Set up an account and log in
  • Join a Team
  • Experiment with chats - professional social media
  • Split into groups (in different rooms) and set up your own Teams
  • Set up a meeting to discuss your strategy and invite your co-workers to join
  • Then invite a member from another group to Skype into the meeting
  • Create a shared document and set up a strategy for achieving your (given) goal
  • Join our team, everyone back together
  • Explore the documents available
  • Fill in the form and discuss the results
  • Hello Trello!
  • Shared projects in Trello using tags and people specific tasks with deadlines
  • Working with shared spreadsheets, assignments for training and a final test.

To find out more about this course, CCG funding opportunities or to reserve a place please contact us:

“Really clear and easy process to follow - the training was excellent as were the trainers”

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