Develop team solutions to problems and plan the development of roles and organisation


General Practice Strategy Development Workshop

Effective strategy workshops offer the opportunity to look beyond the day to day and engage in discussions, debate and to view problems from a different perspective. It can help your organisation realise its sense of purpose and identity and develop a clear and shared understanding of the challenges the organisation faces and build robust future plans.

Sounds easy, but sometimes finding the time and headspace to do this is one of the biggest challenges.

Our facilitated workshop will guide your team through a series of activities and exercises which ensure all voices and opinions are heard. It will help you to identify and prioritise outcomes based upon your needs identified on the day.

We won’t bamboozle with management speak, we’ll work with you to produce a clear plan with actions that can be agreed and taken forward immediately following the session.

One day Course
Outline Programme

  • A short scoping conversation with key member of the Practice to gain some initial information about the issues the practice would like to focus on and agree the goals for the day.

On the Day - Content may include

  • Introductions and Ground rules. We’ll agree the structure of the day, and agree how we can make the most of the limited time available
  • Introduction of the “Pillars Model”
  • Group Exercises
  • Problem Solving
  • Action Planning
  • Developing a Vision and Values

    This isn’t a training session where you’re taught to use planning and change management tools, then sent back to the workplace to do it for real. This is a fast-paced facilitated workshop which works on your organisations live issues and provides the format and structure to support your team to develop their own solutions to problems and plan the development of their roles and organisation.

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“Learned lots on the course itself and now looking forward to putting this into practice”

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