“Keen to increase your understanding of medical terminology and expand your vocabulary?”


Understanding Medical Terminology

At the heart of what we do in general practice is the use of medical terminology and its essential place in the recording and processing of clinical reports and documentation. Without the right level of understanding of the vocabulary used and indeed the way this terminology is constructed, coding, document processing and summarising can be long and laborious tasks - and errors can often creep into the process. 

We have turned this usually dry topic into a fun and interactive session based around lots of group activities and participation which will most definitely improve your understanding and ability to confidently use medical terminology in your day to day work.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Build a clear understanding of how medical terms are constructed and related to the body's systems, organs and procedures
  • Learn that by recognising the building blocks you can check the accuracy of your work as you go along
  • See how this vocabulary can be used to increase your efficiency and accuracy in the surgery

This half day workshop will expand your understanding of medical terminology giving you the knowledge and techniques needed to improve your coding, document processing and summarising speed .

Half Day Course - Maximum 12 Delegates

Course Content Outline

  • Introduction to medical terminology
  • The building blocks used in medical terminology 
  • Interactive session - a tour of the body and its various naming conventions
  • Reference and learning resources
  • Feedback you own adventures (and horror stories)

Our courses come with full follow up support by phone and email for all attendees for up to 12 months after the session.

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“A dry subject has been made fun and interesting - great trainer too”

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